5 Ways To

A Home You Adore

When it comes to creating an interesting display of beautiful objects, decide on a centrepiece and radiate out from this.

You don’t have to be too symmetrical or uniform, but instead concentrate on how each object can balance another.

The secret is to avoid a confusing mishmash by finding themes that can be echoed throughout.

Creating a display is a small-scale version of designing a room: it still comes down to understanding form, scale, texture and colour.


  1. For a simple, yet elegant display, try positioning the Silver Ombre Vase alongside the Long Mirror Vase for striking effect. The beaten silver finish of the Torn Edge Bowl will introduce shape and texture to the collection, which is united through harmonious tones and a sense of tranquillity.


  1. For a beautiful Bathroom display, place the glazed Teardop Vase against the natural form of the Resin Coral Tree for striking textural contract, with the calming backdrop of the aromatic Scent One White Candle providing the perfect finishing touch.


  1. Cushions can also be grouped together for visual effect. The Aldwych Velvet Cushion blends beautifully with the Chelsea and Lansdown Cotton Cushions, due to the sumptuous velvet which invites them to work in harmony with one another.