Style Secrets


The bedroom is central to your wellbeing and comfort and absolutely everything in it should be designed to please all of your senses.  It is your sanctuary and the emphasis on everything within must be on luxury, comfort, and calmness.


View your bed as a blank canvas as doing this allows you to build up and add layers of calm neutral tones through your choice of bed linen and the colours used.  Luxurious bed covers that are sumptuous to sit upon and lie under are an absolute must.  You deserve the very best in your ultimate comfort zone so you should splash out on the best bed linen you can afford, you will never regret it.  Remember to always find time to make your bed properly in the morning; it will be uplifting to your spirit and senses when you get home at the end of the day.


Layers of harmonious elegance and texture can be created in your bedroom by the careful use of cushions, bedspreads and throws.  Velvet throws work particularly well as they can add an instant layer of warmth and comfort to your bed.  Cushions and bedspreads are also a highly effective way of bringing an element of symmetry and balance into a bedroom and this is key to promoting a calming influence in the room that should be your sanctuary.