Style Secret


Cushions can be so much more than people imagine. Not only can they be used to provide extra layers of texture to add to a room, but they are also a wonderful way to promote balance and harmony. 


Cushions are the perfect blank canvas to link texture colour and form together within a room; they can embody the textural quality and comfort in a room as a whole. I love to use them to reflect and compliment all other elements within a room, and when embellished they are the very personification of textural contrast, something that is key to my style.


Textural contrast is easily achieved with cushions by banding or embellishing them. By placing mother of pearl buttons on rich velvet or by banding velvet cushions with natural linen you can link together all of the elements of the room to promote balance. Not only this, but embellishing and banding cushions is luxurious to the senses as it lets the different materials accentuate the tactile qualities of the other.