Style Secrets

Home Jewellery

Home jewellery is the term that I give to items that you can have in the home that are decorative rather than purely functional. They are the items that you can use to add a finishing layer to the vignettes that you have created in your home. 

Organic coral is one of my favourite home jewellery pieces, it’s the perfect contrast against the clean lines of modern design, and can be used to quickly create a mood of contemporary elegance. A single piece placed in a large vase can create a beautiful focal piece on your coffee table. Three pieces placed in a row in your bathroom can create a miniature organic display that contrasts against the harder clean lines that are prevalent there, and instantly adds a welcoming air.


Vases are an essential part of home jewellery and can be used to add a layer of textural contrast to a room. Unique vases can be quickly and easily used to create gorgeous displays when coupled with contrasting finishes. Think matt contrasted with gloss, rough finishes together with smooth. 


Candles and diffusers are other fantastic pieces to accessorise your home, not only can they be used to add a fragrant layer to your home, these items can be added to a display of vases to enhance the arrangement.


In essence, home jewellery allows you to continually play with new ideas and ways to transform your home. Have fun with the endless possibilities and variations - there is no end to the creativity home jewellery can bring!