House Rules






Always be mindful of the feel of your home and how its energy can influence your well-being. The new year is the perfect opportunity to put practices in place to make life a little easier and start as you mean to go on.


Stylish Storage

Bathrooms can be a wonderful place to unwind and indulge yourself in a spot of pampering. For a gorgeously chic and clutter-free look, get rid of packaging and keep your toiletries in elegant glass Molly Storage Jars to recreate the blissful feeling of a spa at home. Alternatively you could use these useful storage jars for displaying tea, coffee and sugar in the Kitchen, or for sweet treats that not only taste great but look fabulous too!


Clear Out Your Clutter

Clutter clearing can be extremely therapeutic, hence the saying “tidy home, tidy mind”. Take the opportunity to get rid of anything that you feel obligated to keep and live with what you love. A weekend reading the papers can be a wonderful way to unwind, but it doesn’t take long for the magazines and supplements to build up and start to create clutter. Give yourself a rule, “if you’ve read it - bin it”, or if you’re waiting to find the time to put your feet up and have a browse then why not store your reading material in a large ornamental bowl, for a stylish and functional solution.


Let it Grow

I love to surround myself with flowers, plants and their beautiful natural forms. There’s something incredibly uplifting about watering plants or bulbs and watching them grow, especially as we look forward to welcoming Spring. Try using the Lottie Bowls or Black Cross Hatch Tea Light Holders as mini planters and dot them around your house for little bursts of life and colour. Good quality air and daylight are two elements that are not only essential for plant life but can have a positive effect on the energy in your home too. Open the windows often, introduce air-purifying plants and allow as much natural light into your home as possible


Up the Comfort Factor

We all lead such busy lives that a good night’s sleep is essential for coping with life’s daily stresses and strains. Ensure that you’re getting the best quality night’s sleep in our luxurious bedding and couple with additional cushions and bedspreads for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Lighting can dramatically change the feel of a room, so opt for soft lighting in your Bedroom to create the perfect environment to switch off and unwind.


Neat & Tidy

Whether you need to keep your keys and post together on the hall table, a tidy place for products and jewellery on your dressing table, or the perfect bedside tray to avoid water marks, these Lacquer Trays are sleek, sophisticated and incredibly useful. Available in small, medium, large and as a statement piece to place atop your Ottoman or Coffee Table, our fine Lacquer Trays will make life that little bit easier.


Colour Refresh

As much as I love calming, neutral tones, I will often use a burst of colour as it has a really effective way of lifting a room. Try adding a colourful piece of home jewellery or banded cushion to your Living Room and you will be amazed at how it can re-energize the space. The ideal accents are those that can be changed easily, such as pillows, flowers and other accessories – read on for a simple guide on colour companions. White - works well with strong, confident colours such as navy, red and green. Cream - is complemented by small doses of chocolate brown, navy blue and black. Sand - works alongside burnt orange, deep red, gold and bronze accents. Taupe - typically loves purple, red and metallic accents, though be aware of varying ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ undertones.


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