Kelly's Room Service

Retro Chic

With the arrival of Spring it’s natural to want to freshen up your interior and changing a few simple elements can have a transformative effect on a room. 

A simple way to make a significant change to your interior is with wallpaper. You don’t have to paper the whole room, often creating a feature wall can work just as well. My ‘natural weave’ design will give you a touch of texture, ‘shimmer’ will offer a sophisticated metallic sheen to your wall, while ‘Linear’ and ‘Runner’ will introduce a bolder, geometric aesthetic which can be taken around the whole room. 

More than purely functional, lighting can alter the entire character of a room. From creating a certain ambience with lamps to making a statement with low hanging pendants, the options for lighting are endless. Angle Poise lamps are enjoying a resurgence and lend themselves perfectly to the retro chic aesthetic, while offering a space saving solution for your bedside and living areas. 

Plentiful storage is the answer to a clutter-free home and with stylish wicker, leather and metallic options available, these beautiful baskets and classic cases shouldn’t be hidden away. Whether they’re housing your childrens toys, bathroom essentials or extra bedding, stack them high to create a feature in your home.


Free up some of your surfaces and create a montage of memories with a selection of your favourite photos and prints mounted on the wall. Use a blend of frames in different shapes, sizes and finishes to achieve a relaxed aesthetic that will work throughout your home. The beauty of this trend is that you can update your photo and print selection in an instant to keep your feature wall fresh.


Wall to wall carpet can often make a space feel smaller, so lift up a corner and you may well be surprised at what your discover underneath. Whether it’s beautiful old tiles, parquet flooring or wooden floorboards, original flooring in good condition should be celebrated. The addition of  a rug will not only make your room more inviting, but will add colour, pattern and texture to your interior. 


Whether you’re changing up your bedside or adding a side table to your living area, stylish side tables are a cost effective way of updating your interior and adding useful surfaces to your home. With a wide selection of marble, metallic and wooden options available, your really are spoilt for choice.


While my love of a calm, neutral palette is no secret, I’m not adverse to a pop of colour or a splash of print. There are many ways that you can do this, though the easiest and often safest is with your choice of accessories. Choose bright cushions and throws for an instant burst of colour, while a vintage chair upholstered in a bright fabric can look fabulous as a statement piece in a room.