Console Table

Console Table


I love the effortless simplicity and versatility of the console table, it’s such a basic classic design. I have updated a painter’s trestle table using texture to bring it to life, taking the design to a whole new level and making it an ideal addition to any room.

The shape and size of the space available will determine how you use the console and its versatility means it can be used in many different ways, from a desk to a dressing table, or simply as a console.

For larger areas, the console table can be utilised behind sofas as a place for lights or on either side of a chimney breast to create symmetry. 

The most common place to use a console table is in a hallway against a wall where it serves a more functional purpose.  I like to use them here as a display feature, perhaps with a mirror or art above, and use the table itself as a canvas to create some visually striking displays. You can showcase family portraits, your home jewellery items and free lights standing.

My designs are all about texture and layering so the console table is the perfect place to introduce colour and additional shapes into a room.  I like to use repetitive items, playing with different heights and shapes but trying to keep to a subtle colour scheme, never overly fussy to ensure the console table isn’t drowned by too many items. 

And it’s important to remember that the console table isn’t just a piece of furniture to display items on. It’s a piece of art to be admired too.  The beautiful lacquered wood finish of the table enhances its design giving it that final touch of glamour and luxuriousness, and combined with the subtle taupe colour they all work together to ensure the console table is not overbearing and a natural companion to enhance the space of your choice.