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Perfect Neutrals

Perfect Neutrals

I’m known for my neutral palette and taupe is one of my signature colours. It is such a beautiful colour, neither being too warm, nor being too cool. Taupe is calm, quiet, and very easy to live with. It is not overbearing and it does not shout out and demand attention. For this reason taupe is ideal to use in instilling a sense of calm into a room. It is the perfect colour to provide a remedy to the stressful pace of frenetic modern life.


Being so versatile, taupe lends itself brilliantly to creating layers of contrast. Layering textures of taupe instantly adds depth and warmth, think linen on velvet, taupe cushions on taupe bedspreads. Wherever a lot of taupe has been used, make use of textural contrast to bring the design to life.


Taupe’s versatility means that it is a natural companion to pure white, matt black and just about every single shade of grey. Not only does it pair well with these colours, it is the perfect companion for silvers, metallics, and clear glassware. I simply can’t imagine designing a home without taupe.