The Bathroom

The Bathroom




The bathroom really is the only space where you can just lock the door and it's totally our space to enjoy. It's a room where you can create your own little oasis, where you can leave your worries at the door, and come out feeling completely rejuvenated and revived. When you design the space, its got to be about pure indulgence.



The bathroom is obviously about the space itself, but the balance of that space is very much influenced by the textures and materials within it. The bathroom for me is all about wonderfully soft towels and robes, gorgeous scented candles and beautiful dishes, and using them to transform the space into a sanctuary.




Luxurious items such as these are wonderfully indulgent, not just to the eye, but also to the touch, the smell and mood of the room. These are the items that will help you to feel completely pampered, the tiniest details can make such a large impact. By including indulgent these items in the bathroom, the space will feel better.



Though there are elements of the bathroom much more difficult to alter, the objects you use in the space can be changed, effecting the overall experience of the room. Whether it's the proportion of the items, their positioning or surrounding colours and shapes. You can group or divide objects, and you're constantly able to change the feeling and the look. The only rule is that it should always reflect you.