The Living Room

The Living Room




The concept of the living room has changed so much in the past few decades. The living space now often transcends borders to merge with other shared spaces such as the kitchen, or dining room. For this reason, the design of the living room can be considered alongside other rooms in your house.



While my ideal space is all-encompassing - one open room, with everything in it - you must first decide which feeling you want your living room to accommodate when designing it. Your living room may be a space you want to design primarily for family, or, you may wish to create a grander scheme.




Depending on the feel you want to achieve in the room, neutral tones with bursts of colour provided by vases and cushions, may be better for you. Or, for a grander theme, darker tones would be better suited. Experiment with layers of texture and colour in your design. Trial and error will help you to get it just right.



My advice when it comes to detail is not to panic and add too much into the mix. It’s useful to remember that items need the space around them in order to come alive. By creating surface displays with a mix of ceramics and flowers, you can create miniature still-life installations within your living room that invite you into the room.