Style Secrets

Those Little Lifts


January is a tough old month, it’s cold and wet and everyone tends to feel a little low after a series of celebrations…they're not called ‘January Blues’ for nothing!

However, there are simple and cost effective ways of transforming the way you feel in your home to give you those lovely little lifts.



A touch of comfort

Simply adding a new cushion to your bed can transform the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant. A beautiful blend of fabrics will add a touch of opulence at very little cost.



Clusters of coral

Freshen up your bathroom with a nod to the ocean. These elegant pieces of resin coral make a stunning statement and really celebrate the organic form and beauty of nature.



Blooming marvellous

Flowers are wonderful mood boosters, though they can often be seen as a bit of an extravagance. You can achieve the same feel and aesthetic by simply displaying a single stem in a beautiful vase.



Little treats

Whether you’re practicing a bit of portion control or assembling a healthy breakfast in the morning, these delightful little bowls will soon be the most useful items in your kitchen.