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Good stories tell people what you do, great stories tell people why you do it. Folk specialises in crafting enthralling e-commerce experiences for consumers of distinguished and luxury brands. Our services include website design & build, content strategy, film production, search, social and packaging design. Folk is Magento certified.

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Passionate about the process of creating images, Mel is a highly celebrated photographer with a diverse background in design. His portrait of work includes jazz musicians, writers, politicians, CEOs, film directors and actors, as well as a diverse range of lifestyle and fashion shoots. Mel has produced work for commercial clients in the UK, US, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Mel Yates 


Folk recognises the value available to online retailers who curate their story through the use of film. Our award-winning film production service encompasses every stage of the process from concept creation, to storyboarding, art direction, filming and editing.

Folk Digital