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Cross Stitch Velvet Bedspread


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The beautiful taupe colouring beautifully enhances the cross-stitch design and pattern of this velvet bedspread. The rich exquisite velvet material can be used to add a touch of decadence to any bed on which it is placed. Your bedroom should be designed to please the senses and this bedspread with its gorgeous combination of taupe and velvet will do just that.
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Styling Notes

Styling Notes

Visually, I think that the style of your bedroom should link with the other rooms in your house, but somehow be even more you in spirit.

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Customer Reviews 2 reviews

Customer Reviews

"Cross Stitch Velvet Bedspread"

Fast delivery and beautiful quality. Very happy

"Cross Stitch Velvet Bedspread"

The ordering & shipping process was very quick and easy.

The bedcover is very nice, resembling a web photo colour very accurately. The fabric is very soft and luxurious, I was very happy with the result.