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Matt Egyptian Vase - Black

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A contemporary and elegant vase beautifully merging rounded and angular forms together. Its unique shape coupled with the subtle dark matt surface combine to create a simple yet striking object. Other lighter and less dramatic vases can be placed alongside for a dramatic and contrasting grouping. Also available in White.
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"Creating harmonious and sculptural displays is an art form. The space around the objects is just as important as the objects themselves, if not more so. Resist the urge to fill the space, embrace it and do not be afraid of it."

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Customer Reviews 5 reviews

Customer Reviews

"Matt Egyptian Vase"

Delighted with this vase. So different just what I was looking for, makes a wonderful addition to my living room.

"Matt Egyptian Vase"

Very happy with this vase, looks great quality and very modern and striking

"Matt Egyptian Vase"

Striking and unusual vase and goes well with matt bubble vase.

"Matt Egyptian Vase "

I now have 2 of these vases, love them and they mixed in very well with my other furnishings. I have an eastern look and they amazing with it.

"Matt Egyptian Vase "

Love it !! Such a great piece!! Love her accessories, they are first class for the money you pay. So pleased we have finally got on-line shopping with Kelly Hoppen.