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Resin Coral Tree

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The large size of this piece of resin coral makes it very much a statement piece. Its gorgeous sculptural and organic form is simply beautiful to behold. The delicate form has the appearance of an underwater tree, and the matt white colour and texture are incredibly inviting to the senses. Such a piece as this looks absolutely fabulous wherever it is placed, from bathroom to bedroom, adding an organic air to its surroundings.

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"Creating harmonious and sculptural displays is an art form. The space around the objects is just as important as the objects themselves, if not more so. Resist the urge to fill the space, embrace it and do not be afraid of it."

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Customer Reviews 2 reviews

Customer Reviews

"Resin Coral Tree"

So much better in life. really detailed. Bit of a showstopper. Can't believe how good value the corals are.

"Resin Coral Tree"

I love unusal things and this coral tree meets all my expectations. Thank you.